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The power generation growth rate of photovoltaic power station can reach above 8% after being cleaned by professional photovoltaic cleaning robot

 From the practical experience of the operation and management of solar photovoltaic power plants, in order to ensure the safe, economic and efficient operation of photovoltaic power generation systems, it is necessary to establish a standardized and effective management mechanism, especially the operation and maintenance management of photovoltaic power plants. The power station must be strengthened. For each power station, a comprehensive and complete technical document archive must be established, and a special person should be set up to manage the technical documents of the power station, so as to provide strong technical basic data support for safe and reliable operation. Power station.

The improvement effect of PV power station cleaning is related to the installation method of modules, the dust accumulation of modules, the nature of dust and the rainfall on the project site. The traditional manual cleaning method generally adopts dry cleaning method, and the cleaning effect is generally lower than that of water washing method, which is difficult to remove some sticky and stubborn dirt. If you choose to wash in the rain or after the rain, the effect will be much better than dry cleaning. We have done relevant experiments. For distributed components, there will be more dust and stains. After cleaning with a professional Weijiang PV cleaning robot, the actual power generation growth rate can reach more than 8%.

Use a multimeter to measure the DC input voltage of the inverter. PV power station cleaning When the voltage is normal, the total voltage is the sum of the module voltage. If there is no voltage, please check whether the DC switch, terminal block, cable connector and components are normal. If you have multiple components, you must connect and test them separately. Measure the AC output voltage of the inverter with a multimeter. Generally, the output terminal shall have a voltage of 220V or 380V. If not, please check whether the terminal is loose, whether the AC switch is closed and whether the leakage protection switch is disconnected.

When deep cleaning is required, if you find particles on the surface, or are not sure whether they exist. Then, you must first rinse, rinse off the particles, and then brush. Why scrub? Because washing operation can only remove floating dust and particles on the surface. Especially particulate matter. The effect can be said to be perfect. However, for pollutants with certain viscosity or generated through chemical reaction, this is not very thorough. If left unchecked, these pollutants will not be removed.

When is the appropriate time to clean the photovoltaic power station? This depends on the location of the PV project. Generally speaking, we wash more often in winter and less in summer. Keeping the battery panel clean can greatly improve the power generation efficiency. To ensure normal power generation, the solar panel is usually cleaned once or twice a month. In some places, there is a lot of dust and rain, so you can consider setting up a cleaning system, manual cleaning or automatic cleaning. Hoses can be used for flushing and cleaning. When cleaning, please be careful not to step on or walk on the solar panel, do not use metal or hard objects to scrub or use abrasive methods for cleaning, and do not spray water under high temperature.

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