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Precautions for Solar PV Panel Cleaning

Do you have any experience in cleaning solar photovoltaic panel equipment? The cleaning of photovoltaic panel modules cannot be ignored. Many people do not correctly realize that irregular cleaning of components will directly affect the power generation efficiency of the system. Xiao Bian is here to remind you that when cleaning the solar photovoltaic panel equipment, you should not only pay attention to the safety of the equipment, but also pay attention to your own safety. Now let's talk about which aspects deserve our attention.

1. Before cleaning, it is necessary to truthfully record the electricity and other data to analyze whether it can be caused by electric leakage, and check whether the connecting wire and related components of the component are damaged or stuck. Before cleaning, it is also necessary to test the aluminum frame, bracket and tempered glass surface of the component with a test pencil. To eliminate potential electric leakage and ensure personal safety.

2. It is strictly prohibited to clean in the extreme weather of strong convection. Cleaning work should not be carried out in the weather of high temperature, heavy rain, thunderstorm and heavy snow as far as possible, because the electric shock damage to human body is very likely in the hot weather, and thunderstorm weather is more dangerous. In winter, washing should also be avoided to prevent the low temperature water vapor from forming ice, dirt accumulation, and the ice is easy to fracture the photovoltaic panel. It is recommended to clean in the morning and evening with weak sunshine to reduce potential safety hazards

3. The edges of the modules of photovoltaic equipment are sharp. Before cleaning, the staff should wear relevant work equipment to protect them from scratches.

4. When cleaning, the staff shall stand at a place less than 1m away from the edge of the PV module. It is forbidden to step on PV modules, guide rail supports, cable bridges and other PV system equipment or rely on module boards and supports in other ways. When flushing with water pressure gun, attention shall be paid to the strength, and the impact pressure shall be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid accidents caused by hidden cracks of equipment boards due to improper stress. It is recommended here to use automated smart device cleaning to improve security.

There are many solar PV panel cleaning tools on the market. Note that there are also special cleaning brushes for solar PV panel cleaning, which are customized according to the specifications of different equipment. It's worth mentioning here that pure nylon material is the right choice. Soft nylon wool can not scratch photovoltaic panel equipment and components, but also can be cleaned.

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