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The cleaning effect of photovoltaic panel cleaning robot is worthy of affirmation

 Traditional cleaning can be divided into ordinary cleaning and photovoltaic cleaning machine. A dry broom or rag used to clean the surface of parts (such as dry flotation, leaves, etc.). A small amount of water can be used to treat the hard foreign matters attached to the glass (such as soil, bird droppings, stickies, etc.). Hard scraper or gauze, but hard materials shall not be scraped to avoid damaging the glass surface. See if cleaning effect is required.

Photovoltaic panel brushing is mainly used to clean distributed solar panels. Semi automatic and efficient cleaning can be achieved by using a photovoltaic cleaner. Compared with the above two cleaning methods, the efficiency is higher and the environment is more friendly. Precautions for cleaning photovoltaic panels: (How to protect photovoltaic modules from damage and the safety of cleaning agents when cleaning photovoltaic power plants).

In photovoltaic equipment, aluminum frames and supports have sharp corners in many places, which are easy to scratch during daily cleaning. The latest PV panel cleaning equipment can avoid these situations. The use of photovoltaic panel cleaning robot Although photovoltaic panel cleaning robot has many advantages, there are also some unsatisfactory conditions.

On the surface of the photovoltaic panel cleaning robot is a glass cover. If the dust is acidic and alkaline, it will corrode it, which will make the surface of the photovoltaic panel not rough. In some PV panels, the rotary brush cleans the solar module by mistake. This operation will also increase its roughness, which will increase its reflected light, thus weakening the intensity of the event, resulting in a weaker power generation capacity.

Although the corrosion of dust is not very large, the photovoltaic panel cleaning robot will be photovoltaic. Cause permanent damage, which can be reduced by regular cleaning. In addition to dust, dirt such as bird droppings attached to the surface of the photovoltaic panel to clean the surface of the solar panel has a great impact on the power generation efficiency. On the one hand, the dirt attached to the surface affects the transmittance of light entering the photovoltaic panel.

Advantages of using PV panel cleaning robot: environmental protection: PV panel cleaning robot can be cleaned without water and cleaning media. The whole cleaning process is cleaner and has less impact on the surrounding environment. This cleaning conforms to the environmental characteristics of photovoltaic panels in some aspects. Safety: There are some unsafe factors when cleaning photovoltaic panels. When cleaning the PV panel at noon, when the PV panel is the strongest, the operation will inadvertently cause electric shock and damage to electrical equipment.

Rinse and clean, if there are substances closely related to the glass, such as bird droppings, plant juice or wet soil residues, they need to be cleaned. The cleaning process is usually carried out with clean water and a soft brush. In case of oil stain, the contaminated area can be cleaned with detergent or soapy water respectively.

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